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The Chloe Brisson Band is a 5-piece blues-rock band featuring some of the Green Mountain State's finest musicians. Led by vocalist and songwriter Chloe Louise Brisson, the group brings primarily original music to the stage, with a few well-placed covers that give a nod to her musical influences. Inspired by her varied experiences both in conservatory, and working in the sugarwoods of VT, Brisson's compositional voice speaks to themes of identity, growth, agency, and perseverance while remaining joyful and danceable.


Chloe Louise Brisson - Voice // Evan Allen - Organ // JD Haenni - Bass // Mitch Krauss - Electric Guitar // Dan Ryan - Drums


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From L-R: Mitch Krauss, JD Haenni, Chloe Brisson, Evan Allen, Dan Ryan

 ~ Shows ~

~ Contact & Booking ~

To book our group please contact chloebrissonmusic@gmail.com

We are currently available to perform at your venue or event in the VT and general New England area

We hope to bring some great music your way!